Lean Logistics

The nuts and bolts of delivering materials and goods

Michel Baudin

What you can expect from this two-day course

Unlike most seminars on logistics, this course is focused on lean manufacturing and the lean supply chain. It covers both physical distribution and information flows --inside a plant and between plants -- and the lean approach to managing customer-supplier relations. It gives you details on milk runs, returnable containers, or consolidation centers. Then it shows you different types of pull signals and their range of applicability, and the integration of a pull system with production planning, forecasting, and scheduling. Finally, it gives pointers on setting up and sustaining collaborative supplier-customer relationships and supplier-support systems.


Who should attend

How to get the most from this course

Companion book included

Copies of Michel Baudins latest book Lean Logistics, from Productivity Press will be provided to seminar attendees as part of the handout package.  


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