The Right Information Technology for Lean

From Machine Controllers to Kanbans and ERP

Michel Baudin

What you can expect from this two-day course

Computer technology is now so powerful and available that manufacturing practitioners can no longer afford to ignore it. If they do, others in the corporate hierarchy may pour millions — or even billions — of dollars into systems that promise to “do it all” or have a  business logic incompatible with lean manufacturing.

Too many manufacturers have implemented information technology without first improving information flows, mastering basic PC tools, or defining needs, and as a result end up pulling the plug on systems that don’t meet their needs. This seminar will help you become savvy in understanding and applying information technology in a lean organization so that you acquire all the tools you need, and none you don’t. You’ll hear about IT applications and examples in a lean organization as they relate to machine controllers, mistake-proofing, production control, engineering and maintenance support, production planning and scheduling, and enterprise resource planning. You’ll acquire techniques for defining and refining information flows within your plant, using both visual management and computer systems. By learning how to use basic software tools available on your PC to perform simple analyses, you’ll know which additional IT tools you need to perform more complex functions.

In the end, you’ll be able to understand and specify your own requirements rather than by letting vendors do it for you; you will avoid software purchasing pitfalls and approach procurement in a new way, making the most of your software assets.  Discover how to buy software that supports lean manufacturing — not just claims to — and avoid the software disaster stories.


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