Develop Products in Half the Time

Preston Smith

What you can expect from this two-day course

The pace of product development picked up during the 1990s, and many firms have learned how to develop products in half or less of the time it formerly took them. Some are even more aggressive: Motorola, for example, has an objective to speed its development by 10X.This intensive two-day course allows you to build a durable rapid development capability that fits your company.

You will learn that not all projects should be accelerated and that you should have a range of speed capabilities that can be applied selectively, depending in the needs of the specific project.Our approach is solidly based on improving your business’ profitability. We show how to calculate and apply the cost of delay and compare it to the cost of omitting a product feature, exceeding your manufacturing cost target, or overrunning your project expense budget. Only when you know the cost of delay in dollars can you make wise choices about cutting time from your schedule.

This workshop will provide value to managers and developers involved in new product introductions who wish to accelerate or otherwise improve the effectiveness of their product development process. The techniques offered apply to electronic, software, mechanical, and chemical products in industries ranging from more mature products to leading-edge computers, telecommunications, and medical devices. We have found that the need to streamline the development process often depends more on the speed of the company relative to its immediate competitors that it does on the rate of change in its industry. Thus the opportunities are just as great in more traditional industries as they can be in the high tech field.

We concentrate on tools that the participant can take back to the office and start using immediately, and each participant leaves with action plans. Thus, those who attend should be in position to take action on potential process improvements themselves.


Who should attend

Because rapid product development involves a great deal of interplay between manufacturing, marketing, engineering, and other functions, it is most effective for a company to send a cross-functional team to the workshop who can jointly apply the techniques across any barriers that may exist when they return to their organizations.


How to get the most from this course


Companion book included

Copies of Preston Smith’s book “Developing Products in Half the Time,” from John Wiley & Sons, will be provided to seminar attendees as part of the handout package.  


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