Training Within Industry (TWI)

Quick and effective training of the work force in a lean environment

Richard Abercrombie

What you can expect from this two-day course

This intensive course for managers and directors will help them improve shop floor management. Training Within Industry (TWI), has been a significant part of the culture at Toyota and other world class companies for developing the capabilities of managers and leaders. TWI provides the essential skills in instruction, methods improvement and leadership needed by all supervisors, first level managers, foremen or team leaders, regardless of industry, and consists of the three following programs:

The three TWI programs are structured in the same way following a proven “learn by doing” approach. In this course, the participants experience the first session of each program. The instructor presents a real-world problem that everyone can easily relate to and shows the poor ways in which these problems are usually handled. Then, the proven TWI “4-Step Method,” one for each of the three programs, is given to show how supervisors can handle such problems more effectively and gain better results. Making TWI part of your management system will enhance your competitiveness through the following benefits:


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