Supply Chain Reengineering

Serving customers, increasing market share, and increasing efficiency

Jim Ayers

What you can expect from this two-day course

This course will show you the evolution of supply chain management. It explores how the techniques now popular in strategic planning and operations improvement are finding new applications in managing supply chains. It also emphasizes changing supply chains rather than merely maintaining them. Case studies from world class companies illustrate the application of these techniques.

The collaborative approach used in this course distinguishes it from other supply chain management courses, in that it strives to clarify both the theory and practice of supply chain management by effectively combining the strategic discussion and the mini-cases. Manufacturing or third-party logistics executives who want to improve their supply chains from strategic, operational or profitability standpoints will find this course to be a valuable reference and how-to guide. The mix of Supply Chain Management theory and practice combined with case studies from various industries gives the participants a robust framework for an supply chain reengineering strategy, and solid tips on executing it. Especially insightful and helpful about this course are the sections on designing supply chains for strategic advantage, the importance and impact of different financial costing methods, and a methodologies section, which walks the participants through the supply chain improvement process from the pre-study/assessment phase through to implementation.


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Companion book included

Copies of Jim Ayers's  The Handbook of Supply Chain Management," from St. Lucie Press & APICS will be provided to seminar attendees as part of the handout package.  


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