New Product Introduction

Kevin Hop

What you can expect from this two-day course

This course picks up where Preston Smith's New "Develop Products in Half the Time" leaves off and covers the transition from prototype to full production in a lean manufacturing environment. A new product has been developed. The design engineers are past the concept and initial design phases. They think they are finished with it and they are ready to involve Manufacturing. They believe the product is ready for production. Now comes the difficult part - the transition to full production and into the market for anxious customers with high expectations for value and quality. Can you deliver the goods? Most organizations struggle to meet these expectations. The first 6 months of production are behind schedule, costs are over budget, the product is full of defects, warranty claims are climbing, and you are praying for nothing to happens that might trigger a recall. We will show you how world leaders in new product introduction like Honda and Toyota do it right, and what the 10 key issues are to their success in bringing new models to the market on time, within budget and with great quality from the first day of production.


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