Flexible Product Development

Preston Smith

What you can expect from this two-day course

After success in the factory with lean manufacturing, many companies are applying lean techniques to product development to drive out waste and variation. At the same time, they complain that their products aren’t really new—just makeovers.


This workshop offers a fresh alternative. It recognizes that uncertainty is the essential core of innovation, and rather than trying to “lean” it out, we discover how to embrace change and manage uncertainty. For example, most companies accept the project plan as the roadmap and thus judge project managers relative to how well they follow the plan—deviation is undesirable. But as technologies, customer desires, and management objectives change, what was once considered the right plan may no longer be best.


You learn to introduce flexibility into product development so that you can embrace change, that is, make changes relatively late in the development cycle without undue disruption. In a chaotic world, change then becomes your friend rather than a feared evil. The bonus is that flexibility allows you to introduce the latest ideas into your products in midstream to delight your customers and bedevil your competitors.


This workshop will provide everything you need to implement flexibility in your organization:


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