Custom courses

Scope of customization

We would like to provide exactly the training your organization needs. If your needs are outside our experience, we refer you to the best experts we know. Otherwise, we are happy to customize our courses in the forms described below.


One-day pre-visit

The most common form of customization is for us to spend one day visiting your plant and meeting with managers and engineers prior to teaching. The focus of the oral presentation is changed as a result, and examples from the plants are used instead of those in the standard course materials. The exercises from the class are also replaced with case studies on the shop floor of the actual plant. Since the pre-visit usually takes place the day before the class starts, the handout materials are already printed and cannot be changed.


Mixing and matching

Our courses are built from modules that can be rearranged in a variety of ways to meet your needs. If we know the list of topics to be covered two weeks in advance, we can have the course materials ready on time.


Custom development

All or part of a class can be developed from scratch for your purposes. Now that we have accumulated extensive materials on many topics, such requests are much less common than before, but everything we teach was at one point developed to meet the needs of a client.