Cell Design: The Key to One-Piece Flow

In-depth discussion of the details of cell design and implementation

Michel Baudin

What you can expect from this one-day course

Cells are pervasive in lean manufacturing. They are found in assembly, machining, and even fabrication. Cell conversions are typically the first pilot projects in a lean manufacturing effort launched to demonstrate spectacular improvements in productivity, quality, and flexibility. In fact, the cell concept is so powerful and so attractive that it is easy to believe it to be a panacea; but in fact, many processes are too long to fit within a single cell, and some operations require “monument” machines that cannot be dedicated to a product or a family. This course walks you through the details of engineering and operating a cell, monitoring performance, and managing cell implementation projects. If you have not implemented cells before, this seminar will show you how to do it successfully; if you have cell implementation experience, this seminar will reveal ways to tackle issues that have made you struggle. Beyond implementation, this seminar also covers managing a cellular shop floor — from rebalancing staffing among cells in response to demand-mix changes to making continuous improvements.


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Bonus handout materials

"Advanced topics in lean manufacturing cells," a collection of papers presented by Michel Baudin at the GT/CM World Symposium in Columbus, OH in July, 2003.   

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